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Check out the frequently asked questions about our ministry below 
or contact us if you desire more information. 

Why Mexico?

Mexico is a vibrant country with around 68 languages spoken and 350 dialects of those languages. Some of these people groups have been reached, but many others are still waiting for the Bible to be translated into their own language and a church to be planted in their midst. Beyond this, the Mexican church is growing a great passion for missions to the unreached around the world, and is sending out missionaries to the corners of the globe. Those missionaries need training, and that is what we will be part of.

What will you be doing in Mexico?

We will be serving at one of the two Bible Institutes in Mexico, training future missionaries. We will be working with students from all over Mexico, believers from tribal groups in Mexico, as well as students coming from nearby Spanish-speaking countries. Ian will be teaching courses and Abby will be mentoring female students.

Will you have to learn Spanish?

Yes, we will need to learn Spanish. The Bible Institute functions in Spanish, and the missionaries we are partnering with come from all over the U.S. and Latin America, so conversations with our coworkers will be conducted in Spanish as well. Our first two years in Mexico will be focused on intensive Spanish study until we test at a fluent level. 

When will you leave?

Lord willing, we will move to Mexico in fall of 2022. This gives us just over a year to raise our support. But we know that all of this is in the Lord’s hands and things could move faster or slower as he decides.

How long will you be there?

If the Lord permits, we plan to serve in Mexico for the rest of our lives. We will have periodic home assignments, but we plan to spend our lives in this ministry.

How much support do you have to raise?

$5,814 per month is the amount that we need to cover all living and ministry expenses.

Why so much?

Roughly 37% of this support goes straight to taxes, retirement, and insurance. Another 19% is purely for ministry-related expenses (travel, communication, office expenses, etc.). If you’re curious about the full breakdown, ask us for our support level document.

How much are you getting paid?

Nothing. By faith we are able to go to Mexico and minister as long as people are faithfully giving each month to support us.

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