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Our Mission


Why Mexico?

Over 6,000 people groups around the world have no church, no Bible, and no one they know who can share the truth about Christ with them in their language. This breaks our hearts! We want to see every people group reached with the good news about Jesus, and that's exactly what Ethnos360 does. 


Ethnos360 sends missionaries into these people groups. They live with the people, learn their language and culture, and then are able to teach God's whole story in the heart language of the people. As people hear the good news, they believe in Christ and lives are changed! The missionaries stay with the people, discipling them and translating the Bible until a mature church is established that can continue for generations. 


Before those missionaries can go out into unreached people groups, they need training. Mexico is a nation with over 14 million believers, and many of these Christians are excited about missions and going out to the world. Our role is to train these future missionaries at a Bible Institute in Chihuahua City, Mexico. There, they will get the Biblical foundation they need to effectively teach and translate the Bible in the language of an unreached people group. 

There are groups in Mexico still waiting to hear the gospel too! With over 68 languages spoken in Mexico and 350 dialects of those languages, many indigenous people have no access to God's word in their own language. Some of the missionaries trained at the Bible Institute will go to these groups, while others will go on to serve in places around the world.

For all of these reasons, we can't wait to begin serving in Mexico and be part of training the next generation of Latin American missionaries to go out to the world!

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